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Peak Construction uses several metal manufacturers, however, we primarily use "Skyline" 16 inch wide, 26 gauge standing seam metal roofing manufactured by ASC Building Products.

The following list is of the manufacturers we use most and links to their products/color charts.

ASC Building Products...
Exterior Metal Products...
Custom-Built Metals...
Champion Metals...
Nu Ray Metals...

For a physical copy of a color chart please contact us (see contact us page) and request one!

Additional benefits of steel standing seam metal roofing include:
  • Design flexibility: It is available in a wide range of finishes, color and profiles. Most steel roofing is painted with tough Kynar, applied after the panels are formed, is most durable and attractive.
  • Non-combustible fire rating and concealed fasteners. Houses with metal roofs may receive a discount on the homeowner's (fire) insurance.
  • Energy efficient with potential energy savings on heating and air conditioning (with adequate insulation).
  • Wind resistance. Standing seam metal roofs have passed the UL 90 wind tests due to their strength and weight.
  • Efficiently shed snow and rain. Because metal roofs accelerate the rate of water run-off, they also reduce the likelihood of a build-up of debris, mold and mildew.
  • Environmentally friendly: A typical standing seam metal (steel) roof contains at least 25% recycled content, and at the end of its long, useful life is 100% recyclable.
  • Long service life. Metal roofs have a significantly longer expected service life than other roofing materials. Forty year or Lifetime warranties from the manufacturers are available for residential application. Chances are, this is the last roof you will ever have installed!
Customer Satisfaction
  • Compared to asphalt shingles, owners of metal roofs report higher level of customer satisfaction with “value for price paid”. When owners of asphalt shingle and metal roofs rated their satisfaction with “the value of their roof for the price paid” on a one through five scale (one being not at all satisfied and five being extremely satisfied), metal roofs came out on top. Detailed ratings were as follows:
Satisfaction on 1- 5 Scale
Metal……………4.75 Asphalt Shingles………….4.30 Customer Loyalty
  • When asked what material owners would use for re-roofing, metal owners showed the greatest loyalty.
Would Use the Same Roofing Material
Metal………..….92% Asphalt Shingles………….46%

No other product has done more to change the profile of architecture than metal roofing. Unlimited color, a wide range of standing seam profiles, at least forty years of useful life, and a design that actually sheds water; make metal roofs the best choice for your projects. A helpful staff, efficient service makes Peak Construction the best choice for the last roof for your home!
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